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How to Shut Your Brain Down

Brain-freeze! Ever get it?

Not the headache you get from eating ice cream too quickly, but the point at which your brain is so overloaded with to-dos and important thoughts regarding work, school, hobbies, community events, etc., that it freezes mid-thought and refuses to grind on.

*also see “brain fart,” a different but related term–although not one my parents never considered “appropriate,” hah!

Multitasking can only go so far. Even if you’re somebody like me, who regularly has the TV going and two computer screens on with four programs running, your brain eventually decides it’s had enough.

My own solution?

Treat my mind just like a computer. When I’m tossing and turning in bed and can’t get the rapid-fire thoughts streaking across my consciousness to still, I imagine that my mind is a computer screen with far too many programs open. Then I imagine a mouse clicking the little red “X” of each open window until they’re all shut down (in the case of needing sleep) or leaving only one open (the one I actually need to focus on at the moment).

It’s a surprisingly effective visual game that helps me focus in a moment of crisis, which is usually a work deadline or the realization that if I don’t fall sleep soon, the arrival of morning will be untenable.

What are your tips and tricks for finding calm and focus–whether needed or simply desired? Feel free to share in the comments. Or am I the only one out there whose brain flies at the speed of light whether I want it to or not? 🙂

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